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Booo... [Jun. 24th, 2008|02:15 pm]
[How am I feeling? |sicksick]

My body just went into decay again.

I really hate when it happens. It's hard to tell if its worse when you're blood sugar is really low or really high. I guess high, because takes significantly longer to correct.

At least when my blood is low I can fix that within half an hour. I've basically just spent two hours in bed because I was too sick to do anything else.

Mm... diabetes. The wonders you bring.

I'm feeling better now, thank goodness. But it's not a very fun experience. I guess the closest thing that I can relate it to is having a bad case of the flu. The symptoms are very similar.

Well I had a good day yesterday with Sarah... And tonight I'll get to see Katherine, Sarah, and Kirsten. That'll be nice.

I still haven't seen Allie. That sucks.

Well, I guess I'll eat something and then re-wash my hair. I felt to nasty after I got out of the shower to dry it so it looks pretty bad.

And I beat MGS4 again on Sunday... yaaay. I got through the game no kills, no alerts, no continues, and no health items. Very pleased. And I already want to play it again! I need to something else for a little while I think.
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Pray with me. [Jun. 15th, 2008|07:12 pm]
[How am I feeling? |contentcontent]
[What am I listening to? |MGS4]

Dear God,

Thank you for allowing Hideo Kojima to be born so he could create the best game of all time, Metal Gear Solid 4. Playing games like this really make me realize how awesome it is to be alive right now.

Thank you. You Rock.

I just beat the game, like an hour ago. To those who play video games and haven't gotten into the series, and haven't got a ps3, I'm sorry. You are missing out on the most touching, and heartfelt, and excellent video game ever created. Every second of that game is art. I cried like every 10 minutes (not really, but I did get emotional alot.)

I'm just so pleased, and happy, and horribly horribly sad that its over. I'm going to hold off a couple of days and go through this gift from God again. UGH. You guys, I'm not kidding.

It was so good. I will never play a game as good as this ever again.

I'll write up a full report over Orientation soon. As soon as I'm down from this high.
Sarah, when do/did you apply to Grady. Upon transferring I randomly have 53 hours, forcing me to apply really soon.
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UPDATE! [Jun. 11th, 2008|09:35 pm]
[How am I feeling? |distresseddistressed]

I'm just hoping someone reads these eventually.
Well, tonight is the night MGS4 is released... and guess who has to wait. I kinda wanna cry.
I wasn't going to the midnight release originally, but then I decided otherwise cuz I REALLY want it. But then mom vetoed it. Dad was going to go with me and stay up with me and everything. BOOOO. And the only reason I can't is because or Orientation... grr...

And I have lunch tomorrow with Sarah, not that I mind that, but I'm SO CLOSE AND YET SO FAR. I just want it in my hands and in my ps3. I'll get my time... eventually. But why am I forced to wait like this? IT'S NOT FAIR!!!

And I'm stressed over which major to pick. Everytime I get close I change my mind. Mostly because I'm unsure how to please both myself and my parents. Everytime I mention something, mom does the old "I don't want you working in an office, you're too smart for that." Or something like that. And then, today, upon researching my personality, it said that my types don't do well will a career, but rather enjoy drabbling in many different disciplines. I completely agreed, but when I discussed this with dad, he was like... 'no, that's not true.' GAAAH. They have no idea how frustrating this is.

So I'm just not going to worry about it. I'll major in Public Relations, which is ultimately a Bachelors in Journalism. We'll see where that takes me.

But here's pictures from Ava's Party.

Pictures and MoviesCollapse )
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New Layout. [Jun. 9th, 2008|01:11 am]
[How am I feeling? |accomplishedaccomplished]
[What am I listening to? |Stomach is ANGRY.. no sleep.]

First off, I want to apologize to those of you who have to stare at this crappily made layout. I am zero skills in the way of photoshop, and this is honestly the best I can really do with my no experience and lack of patience.

As you can see, I still have a really girly theme going... something with shojo characters and cats or something.... but I hope it's simple and easy on the eyes.

I really do kinda like it though.

Changing the mood theme was BAAAAAH. I messed up twice. It took about three times longer than necessary, the process is already excruciating.

I just hope I stay happy with this layout and don't decide to change it any time soon. At least until I gain some skill decorating my journal.

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PS [Jun. 8th, 2008|12:16 am]
I apologize for my journal layout at the moment. I'm in need of a nice change, and can't think of anything creative. I like my little kodama, but can't find a nice leafy green vector stock to stick it on without paying for it.... sooo, I'll probably have to find something else.
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I can kinda do expert on Guitar Hero now... [Jun. 7th, 2008|07:48 pm]
[How am I feeling? |geekygeeky]
[What am I listening to? |She Will Be Loved-Maroon 5]

...like anyone cares ;)

Anywhos, I am back from vacation. I left off my last post pretty angsty, but it was a justified angst by every mean.

Two weeks ago today, my dumbass of a cousin left Augusta to go live with her ex-boyfriend who everyone hates.

Anger much.

I was pretty upset, but have now calmed down. I'm still pretty bummed and stuff, but I have a better handle on the situation, and can only hope that her next actions will be.... wiser.

I love her still though :) I hope she knows that.

On top of that, my brother moved pretty much day after I found out. Having your cousin, who's been your bestfriend since you can remember (most people who know me know how close I am to her), and then the brother you look up to so much move away too can be pretty... rough on the heart.

But I'm doing better now, for the most part. I just got off the phone with Lauren too. I'm going to see her tomorrow in Atlanta for my niece's first birthday party. I'm very excited, but know it's going to be awkward. I hope she decides to come home soon... if she decides to come home. I trust her decision, and hopefully it won't be misplaced. What her sisters or saying, and I agree, is that she's already caused enough damage, she might as well think about her next move before doing something. I don't wanna say too much, because it is family business, but I mean the issue is in the open on facebook, so I can talk about it a little. I feel really badly for her parents though...

And their 19 year-old cat was put to sleep today :( Sad.

I had a pretty good time at the beach. I get bored there too easily because it's just me and my parents. Leaving me with little to do. Blah. It's different when you have siblings there or something.

As probably none of you know, Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out next Thursday. I am about to poop my pants in excitement. I've been waiting for this game since I was 8. MGS is me and my brother's childhood. OMG. I'm so excited. I beat MGS2 at the beach, and just beat MGS3 today. The ending of MGS3 still gets me really really emotional. It's just soo gooooooood. Now that I still have 5 days left, I'm trying to decide if I'm going to replay the first one, since I've done the other too, or just read the novel of MGS that I picked up while in Destin. I guess I could do both, and be really up-to-date.

I have to finish Uncharted though... but I'm almost done with that. I can't even express my excitement over this game. And spoilers are leaking everywhere, I pretty much can't go on Gamefaqs anymore.

Switching gears... (hah... metal gear....) I made my mom become obsessed with Viva la Vida... man that is a good song.

As for this week. I'm out of town tomorrow, like I said. But I'm pretty available until Thursday... where I will be playing MGS4 obsessively until Friday where I head off to UGA for orientation... where I will me my roomie.

I'm pretty nervous about meeting Shaye, but excited too. I'm feeling more and more positive about being in a dorm this year. I'm glad. I've been texting her and emails and facebook, but I haven't seen or heard her yet... it just seems kinda big :) I'm sure she feels the same way too. I'm just really excited about UGA in general. I just really really want to know where we're staying!!! Argh.

Kirsten is going to be in Mell if anyone is interested.

I need a hair cut. Time to just suck it up and do it. Short in the back.. short in the back.... GIVE ME STRENGTH.

You people need to update toooo... ALL OF YOU.
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(no subject) [May. 26th, 2008|10:01 pm]
I am not ok.

I just want it out of my life.
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OMG [May. 26th, 2008|12:37 am]
[How am I feeling? |weirdweird]
[What am I listening to? |Random iTunes]

I'm not quite sure why I'm writing about this, but ok.

I love Tales of the Abyss... in fact, I'm obsessed.

Mind you, it has been... like 3 or 4 months since I beat that game. And I'm still so much in love with it. Despite the fact that I've been playing large doses of the Uncharted, the Siren demo, My Life as King, Guitar Hero, and reading up on Harvest Moon games galore (Rune Factory 2 is going to be AWESOME. So much better than Rune Factory...) I still cannot forget about the experience that was Tales of the Abyss.

If you own a ps2... you owe it to yourself to play this god among games. Especially for its genre. I mean, Tales of Symphonia was... ok, reminded me too much of FFX. FFX was EXCELLENT. Ugh, the romance in that game still warms my heart... as does the angst. And I've played large doses of FFVIII, FFIX, FFXII (which I still haven't beaten DANG IT). And the KHs of course. Man... those are really good too, but I'm ignoring them in this post right now. Out of all of those, I've never had the real strong to desire to replay them (except KHs which I'm ignoring). I enjoyed them, and have been like... maybe one day. But I am determined....DETERMINED, to replay Tales of the Abyss, perhaps in its entirety as soon as I get to school. I actually MISS having these characters in my life. Jade... Jade Jade Jade... I mean I named a plant after him, and Asche! And Luke. MAN WHAT A GOOD GAME.

Again, I don't know why I'm typing this out. Possibly because its almost 1 in the morning, and my AC has been broken for like a week and half, and it is ridiculously hot in my house, but man. Good good stuff.

Video Games are good... I don't care what anyone says.

I need some new icons...
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Guuhh... [May. 22nd, 2008|07:20 pm]
[How am I feeling? |boredbored]
[What am I listening to? |The Call-Regina Spektor]

I am so bored right now.
I've officially been on Summer Vacation for two weeks and one day and I'm out of my mind bored. Blaah....

Of course much has happened since my last entry. My acceptance into UGA (finally), more Ava-times, end of school, family issues... mostly most brother preparing to move, just a lot of mostly boring stuff.

So out of my boredom, I figured I'd finally update. Let's see. Well I am mad at UGA right now because being the lucky transfer student I am, I have to wait until ALL of the Freshman have been assigned dorms and then in late June/July, I figure out where I am rooming. Meaning, not only do I have to wait another MONTH, but I will mostly likely get a crappy dorm. If I am in a high rise I will have a fit. And then try to move into an apartment with Shaye (my roomie) ASAP. I'm just worried, and extremely angered at the poop that is as a rule.

I just beat Trauma Center. That game was not worth the stress and anger it produced, but I would still like to play the other.

I also bought Uncharted for the PS3 FINALLY. That game is beyond words amazing for only being 8 hours long. It's just one of thos eou play over and over again. Not to mention the graphics... yum.

Now, I'm just waiting to get it.

Oh, saw Narnia with Sarah and Mr. Owen and the crew. That was fun. I really really liked that movie, minus the slow parts that kinda dragged. And The Call by Regina Spektor is AMAZING. Speaking of just absolute awesome songs like The Call, I have hit the jack pot this week. Viva la Vida by Coldplay. Just fantastic. I got all of Hayley Westenra's music finally. Dark Waltz is beyond words. What a beautiful song, ugh. She has talent. And Across the Universe of Time.... I think it's called sounds like something out of the Metal Gear ending themes. And just other songs here and there.

Speaking of Metal Gear, 28...? days until MGS4 COMES OUT AHAHGAHGHAGHAGHAHG. Poor poor Wii and XBOX and people in general who do not know the wonders of that game. It will be amazing. yaaaaay.

And I am really bored. Please, if anyone wants to do something with me tell me. I'm getting sick, literally, with idleness. If I'm idle, I don't do anything, my blood sugar rises, and I get sick and fat. Not fun.

Though next Tuesday I'm getting a facial with my mom.... that'll be interesting. And Thursday I'm out of town for a week, and the weekend I'm off to see my niece's first birthday party. The orientation that friday, which I still probably wont' know where I'm staying by then, and here comes that annoyance.

and I have nothing to do. Yaaaaay summer.

House season finale was good...

AND I HAVE NO MORE CARTOON NETWORK. Another thing that has made me extremely irritable. Ugh, that just really sucks.
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Yes, I'm still singing Beauty and the Beast [Apr. 1st, 2008|05:00 pm]
[How am I feeling? |tiredtired]
[What am I listening to? |No One - Alicia Keys (how long was this playing?)]

Yup.. hehe.

I'm packing for my trip to Disney next week woooooo!!
Or rather my mom is, but details details.

And happy April Fool's Day!
I was going to start off my entry with a "I got into UGA statement" but that would hurt me more than anyone else. So I didn't.

Have I announced that I got Professor Layton yet? Well I have, and I love it wooooo. It's so cute. I love the music, art, and puzzles. It's taking me forever to beat. I'm probably like 2 hours through it, but have played for 14 hours because I'm solving every single puzzle along the way. I've gotten really badly stuck on two thus far. But that's pretty good for solving about 70 puzzles thus far.

I've decided to apply to Mercer University btw. Just in case. Even doing that has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. I don't feel like I'm so doomed to another semester at ASU if I don't get into UGA, and I'm kinda more confident about UGA... we'll see how long that lasts.

My parents seem pleased too.

Anyways, I had a really really good weekend. It was Musical weekend, obviously and it was just goood. I saw it THREE times, for free! Thank you very much Mr. Owen and Amy! The cast was fantastic, and just the whole experience felt like I had come home from a long trip away. I don't miss Westminster, but I definitely miss my Drama Family. They made Westminster awesome, especially senior year. Got to spend a lot of time with Sarah which was fun :) I'm sure I embarrassed her cuz I was crying and bawling all during the Senior recognition during the last night. But it made me realize that most of the people I left behind are leaving themselves. Meaning, I can't go back and visit them and expect them to be there. Sad stuff. It's just some emotional stuff.

Cast party was very awkward at first, just because I felt like I shouldn't really be there. But once Becca got there it was good. Sarah left early which was a bummer. But I sat outside are curled up with Becca and Reichl for about 45 more minutes before I left. Talked a little more with Mr. Owen and Amy, but he was being bombarded by everyone with questions and conversation and I mostly just listened. And I kept cracking up when I thought of Alexa faceplant onto the stage... I still chuckle everytime. Oh Alexa. When I left, I said goodbye to everyone, and I got all emotional again, not as badly though. But Maxwell looked sloshed or something but it was just because he was thinking of Alexa's faceplant and couldn't stop laughing either. Drew and Jamie bout made me cry when I left thought. Drew turned to me and was all, "Thank you so much for the positive support..." and stuff like that. I joked with them but it really meant a lot to me. I didn't just want to bum around and annoy them, I did want to be a positive boost of energy and I think I was a little.

I told them I was coming to Graduation and everything and Drew asked if I was covered on the invite. I said that Reichl had me covered but it'd make me feel special if I got more hehe.

I love all of those guys alot. At least Becca will still be there.. and Christian :)

I thanked Amy for giving me one last hoorah with Westminster drama. Good stuff..

OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT. As I left, Savannah and Andrew W. left at the same time I did, I walked outside and heard a 'IF YOU DON'T THAT AGAIN I'LL HAVE YOU ARRESTED" so I was like..."is someone fighting" and Andrew and Savannah hushed me and said, 'yeah there's cop cars and everything'


So I got in more car and drove, and right next to Reichl's house were two cop cars and I watched as one guy was arrested and placed in the car. Awkward but kinda exciting. I called Reichl and told her and I think alot of people went outside and watched.

Anyways, I'm going to be counting down the days until school is over after break. I'm excited. About 3 actual weeks of school left. YES.

And of course, waiting to hear back from college(s).
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